Washing Machine

Is your machine dirty and smelly.

We can supply Wellco Professional Limescale and Detergent Remover for £7.00 (six sachets) inc postage. Please leave a message on the contact page.

Alternatively you can use soda crystals which are an inexpensive and effective solution. If your machine is smelley use one bag (1kg) in an empty machine on the hottest wash.

Soda Crystals

If your door seal is very black with mould the only cure will probably be a new door seal as the mould actually grows into the rubber.

Using Calgon in every wash will keep your machine in sparkling condition, however you are unlikely to save money in the long term and we recommend the use of lower cost soda crystals. One tablespoon of soda crystals straight in the drum every wash will work out quite economical and some of the cost will be offset by the fact that you can use less detergent in each wash.